Digital Designer Manifesto

Here I have gathered a list of quotes that I find memorable and useful. Hopefully you will too.

It consists other peoples words – I’ve just taken the liberty to choose the headings and write a short paragraph on how I adapt these quotes.

I update this list quite randomly. Perhaps I´m busy with something else. Or maybe no one is saying/writing smart things to quote. I haven´t forgotten about you though. I like you.

Teach others

“Great work is doing stuff that gives back to the world, as well as serving your own purposes. It’s the difference between writing things down to remember them versus writing things down to teach others.”

– Gina Trapani /// Project Director, ThinkUp

Start from the smallest element

“Apart from the stereotypes, yes I do consider myself as a typographic designer as opposed to a graphic designer. A typographic designer starts by looking at the copy. So what is your smallest element? The copy, maybe even the footnotes. And then you go up from there. Whereas a graphic designer has an image in his or her head, like ‘this page is going to look whatever, blue and sort of wobbly’. And then the graphic designer will make that page look blue and wobbly with whatever means it takes. As a typographic designer first you find the type, the actual type it self, the size, the leading and then you move upwards. And you have a column and then you say ‘how many hierarchies do I have?’.

And so I work myself up from the first decision which is probably the copy. Like you know, 9 points or whatever, 12. Or in my case 4.4 mm or something. And then everything works out from there. And that is exactly how web designers has always worked anyway. In a way it almost designs it self. You make very few decisions there but every decisions brings a couple more decisions and in the end its quite logical. It doesn’t mean it cant look elegant at the same time but it’s a lot of logic in there. It’s not just eeeh I wake up with a layout coming on kind of thing.”